7 Interesting Facts about Adobe Stock

Since its launch, Adobe Stock has garnered positive reviews from experts and users. With over 40 million illustrations, photos and vectors, you will surely find something to suit your budget and your creative needs. However, aside from that marvelous fact, there are other things you will surely love about the brand new stock photo service. Let us find out what they are!

  1. Adobe Stock is integrated with Creative Cloud. Yes, that’s right! The website is integrated with your Creative Cloud application, helping you save time and money. You do not need to download the image to your computer anymore. You can save it directly to your library.
  2. It offers 40% discount to Creative Cloud members. Are you a Creative Cloud member? If you are, then you are in for a treat. You can get 40% discount when you purchase an image or subscribe to a plan.


  1. Your photos are rolled over. With Adobe Stock, you do not have to worry about not using all your photos up. For instance, you are subscribed to a plan that gives you 10 photos a month but you only used up 5 or 6. The remaining images are rolled over to the next month. In fact, you can roll over as many as 120 images.


  1. You can select among images, illustrations and vectors. You do not have to manually sort out photos, illustrations and vectors when looking for an image. Simply click “just photo”, “just illustration”, or “just vectors” in the search bar. Moreover, you can choose all three if you are not sure what you’re going to get.


  1. Adobe Stock offers other images you might like. Once you find an image you like, you can click on the image to see other details. From there, you will find other images you might like, giving you the chance to find something you like better.


  1. You do not have to buy the image to see how it will look. This is the best part. If you want to know how the image will look like, you do not have to buy it yet. You can download a preview of it and save it to your library.


  1. The full image will automatically replace the preview. Once you are sure of the image, you can simply click on the image in your library and select license the image. You can also go back to the website and license the image there. After that, you do not have to undergo the same process of photo-editing. The high-resolution image will automatically replace the low-resolution, watermarked version.

Adobe Stock clearly has a lot of things in store for both Creative Cloud users and non-users. While members have an upper hand over those who are not, this does not hinder them from using the website to fulfill their creative projects.